Nelson Books 148485 The Fifth Avenue Story Society Softcover – Feb 202


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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Dress comes a captivating new novel about the healing power of story, community, and love.Executive assistant Lexa Prescott is trying to find her way after a devastating divorce. She’s not prepared to come face-to-face with her ex as he assumes leadership of the place she feels safest-the Fifth Avenue Story Society. Professor Jett Wilder has plans for his life. They don’t include a Monday night story society at an old library, but his university department chair has other ideas.This Story Society isn’t about writing. It’s about the lives of the people sitting in the chairs. All the members of the Story Society are broken, and they’ve found community in sharing their stories with one another. With the arrival of Jett, things begin to shift, and the Society members must confront the secrets they wish they didn’t have to tell anyone.Circumstances continue to throw Jett and Lexa together, and both are forced to reexamine the disintegration of the love they once shared. For it to have another chance, they’ll have to find the courage to tell their stories honestly, no matter what else it costs them. and that’s almost always easier said than done.


  • The Fifth Avenue Story Society Softcover – Feb 2020


  • ISBN: 0310350921
  • ISBN-13: 9780310350927
  • CPC Super: Fiction
  • CPC Primary: General
  • CPC Sub: Romance
  • Author: Hauck Rachel
  • Publisher: Nelson/Nelson Books


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