3 Prayers for Your Hardest Times

A few years ago, I started saying 3 prayers for some of the hardest parts in my life. For me, at that time, they were specifically for 3 people in my life. I did not pray for God to change them into who I thought they should be. I did not ask him to prove

It’s a bit of a shock…

It’s a bit of a shock when you realize much of the theology you learned as a kid isn’t as much Biblically based as it is politically based. Billy Graham, Dwight Eisenhower, and many denominations weren’t being led by God but by their own ego, disguised as what’s best for us. Jesus was a migrant,

Questioning God

I have so many questions in working through and growing in my faith. As I find answers and resources, I plan to share it all! However, my ACTUAL first question was very simple. And also way bigger than I first imagined. Is all this questioning, digging, and learning ok? Like, is it allowed? I have