They Just Wanted to Dance

They just wanted to dance. I’m running out of words to convey how tired I am of reading about hate-fueled violence. My mind becomes mush as I try to comprehend how one person can hold so much hate and carry out out such a horrific act. I search to the deepest, darkest places in my

Why are People Leaving Church?

I read a lot and last week someone shared a wonderful post by John Pavlovitz that I feel everyone needs to read titled “Dear Church, Here’s why People are Leaving”. After I read it, the words kept rattling around in my head. After reading and re-reading it a few times, I came to one simple

Yes, I’m still writing

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Apologies, but I have been hammering out the final details for my debut release (yay!). I don’t have the final release date yet, but stay tuned here and you’ll definitely be among the first to know.  What I can tell you is my book, Sunday School Dropout, is for