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The Journey Begins

The journey begins here. Kind of an appropriate title since this is the first post but make no mistake about it, this journey started quite awhile ago and I am still no where near the end. I am not even sure if the end really exists in life. However, after talking with a lot of ladies and really connecting with some hurting souls I have realized that far more people are struggling that they’re willing to share which often leaves us feeling alone in life.
I am not claiming to have all of the answers; one look at my life would definitely support that statement. I am not afraid to address my short coming, worries, and fears with people though. Perhaps somewhere here in my ramblings someone else will find a little comfort, hope, or just a friend they can lean on. Maybe this will help others, maybe it will help me, maybe it won’t do anything but I don’t think it can hurt.
A lot of my feelings and struggles in life stem from multiple sources. There isn’t one villain in my life. There’s a lot of good people who made a few decisions that impacted me poorly, but not a real villain. There may be times I refer to an incident and how it contributed to my mess, but please remember that while I have my memories and my feelings on topics – the other parties do too. Things that that hurt me deeply may not have hurt them the same way. It may not have hurt you the same way if you were in my shoes. I simply want to be honest in my feelings and journey. That’s it.
So, if you’re so inclined, please book mark my site and check back for updates. I would love to commit to a set schedule but I’m going to be very honest when I tell you, I am not to that place yet. I hope to be! Schedules and consistency make me very happy but the realistic side of me knows that for now, I’m sharing things when they come to my mind and when they happen. There is no schedule for finding peace or happiness.


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  1. I love this … your openness, your gentleness, your heart that is seen! Your journey is going to impact many others. I too am on a journey. There are many rough spots, although right now I feel like the whole road has caved in on me. But, no matter how rough it gets, I have a hope. That hope is called Jesus Christ. I trust that He too is your hope. I’d love to follow your posts but I didn’t see a place to subscribe. Do you have one?

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